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Originally posted on Peaceful Awakenings: Reflections of Egypt:
Just a few ideas to get you started. Start training your brain to respond. If you smudge or burn juniper as a purification, do it every time, let your spirit learn that…

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B is for Book list 2013

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my new years resolutions this year was not to start a new non-fiction book until I had finished the previous one! Here is the list I have so far. There are a couple … Continue reading

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Hekate’s Deipnon and other activities!

I have stayed true to my word recently about getting my shit together again with worship. I decided to kick start this month with a proper observance for Hekate’s Deipnon, the first in a long time. I spent the afternoon of that day doing … Continue reading

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New books!

  I am crazy exited about these, and can’t wait to get my teeth into them! Both of them are absolutely huge, with really impressive reference lists that I want to read! I haven’t bought a decent (non-scientific at least) academic text … Continue reading

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I am alive I promise!

Real life has just eaten me up. I am back working at the hospital, and when I get home I usually have uni and portfolio work to do. Obviously, I am no longer participating in the PBP, which upsets me … Continue reading

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C is for Charms and Trinkets

C is for Charms and trinkets

Even before deciding to actively pursue a path of witchcraft, I obsessively collected small trinkets that I found on my travels.

This grainy, poor quality photo shows just a few of the things that I have picked up along the way. I keep them around just in case they come in handy one day, and a few of the things already have intended uses.

In the top left is a large key that I dug up at the allotment. I plan to incorporate it into a house protection charm once I have cleaned it up a little. Directly underneath it is a small key charm that was given to me by a friend.

Below the keys are three crystals, Selenite, Bloodstone and Calcite. The first two were gifts and I found the calcite whilst on the beach. I don’t really like to buy gemstones because you cannot always be certain of their origin and the environmental impact of their mining, however I do have quite a large collection of stones that I have acquired in other ways.

Underneath the crystals are a collection of Iron nails that I, once again, dug out of the ground. The largest is about 5 inches in length.

To the lower right of the image lies some seashells that I have picked up on a beach over the years, and in the upper right hand corner there are 3 hagstones aquired from the same beach. Hagstones are one of my favourite charms and I have a large collection of them. One of the stones in this photo is a pendulum, and the other a protective necklace.

This photo was taken by me for the Pagan Blog Project.

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Askimet just blocked this spam comment from my page: ‘Then, you are handed a mask, ordered not to talk and crammed into an elevator where you will most certainly be separated from your friends’ …wow spam bot…wow.

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I can’t express all my joy in this title without endless punctuation.

When I see an obvious omen, experience a ridiculously uncanny coincidence, or have any kind of intense ritual experience; my stomach does a little flip and all I can think is ‘wow, this shit is real!!’. ‘This shit’ has been … Continue reading

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Pagan music II (videos included)

Tomorrow I am leaving for my annual holiday with my family. This year I am going to Lanzarote for a fortnight! Last year before I left I made a post sharing music from some of my favourite pagan bands. I … Continue reading

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Life updates

It’s been some time since I posted anything of substance here. That is mostly because nothing of great substance is happening; life is instead just ticking over as normal, which is nice. -It was my birthday on the 14th. Dave … Continue reading

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