Pagan music II (videos included)

Tomorrow I am leaving for my annual holiday with my family. This year I am going to Lanzarote for a fortnight! Last year before I left I made a post sharing music from some of my favourite pagan bands. I figured that I would do the same this year, and perhaps make it tradition!

Tricky Pixie 

Tricky Pixie is a whimsical rock band consisting of the well known musicians SJ Tucker, Betsey Tinney and Alexander James Adams. This is their interpretation of the famous Scottish ballad of Tam lin:


OMG! I just adore woodland. Their music is so ethereal and the lyrics are beautiful. I had a hard time finding any decent videos on youtube, so please head over to their website linked above to get a proper listen!

Dean can Dance

Dead can Dance is the fantastic musical project fronted by Lisa Gerrad and Brendan Perry. You’ve probably all heard them before, but this is my favourite song:


That’s all for this year, haha. See you in a fortnight!

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2 Responses to Pagan music II (videos included)

  1. Nellie says:

    I LOVE SJ Tucker and I LOVE the Mythcreants album ^_^

  2. redshoes says:

    Thanks for recommending Tricky Pixie. I had never heard of them and their music is lovely!

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