I can’t express all my joy in this title without endless punctuation.

When I see an obvious omen, experience a ridiculously uncanny coincidence, or have any kind of intense ritual experience; my stomach does a little flip and all I can think is ‘wow, this shit is real!!’. ‘This shit’ has been real to me for years, but that little flip never goes away.

It returned to me again on Monday, when I had the most uncanny, most awesome coincidental meeting I could possibly imagine….

I was attending my local pagan moot as I usually do on a Monday. This particular Monday saw me talking to my best friend about the direction that my path has been going this last year (I haven’t written about that here very much simply because it is hard to articulate, but a little reading between the lines and looking at some of the blogs I follow should help you get the picture). I told her that I had never felt so certain about a direction I should go in and that it was finally time to start practising. All I needed was to do some divination or consult an oracle in order to hopefully obtain a blessing from my gods. This was the first time I had ever outwardly verbalised my thoughts on this subject to anybody. It proved to me the importance of speaking aloud your intentions; because the universe and the gods listen and acknowledge.

Literally no later than fifteen minutes later, a new couple arrived at the moot that I had never met before. I began to introduce myself and make small talk with the lady, who was sitting next to me. It turned out that she was called Emma too!

However, in the course of our conversation it turned out that this was not all that we had in common…SHE WAS A HELLENIC POLYTHEIST. I actually met a real live Hellenic polytheist in the squishy flesh and totally at random!! Those of you not familiar with Hellenic polytheism may not realise the gravity of this; co-religionists in your geographical area are like gold-dust.

That wasn’t all we had in common. She wasn’t just a Hellenic polytheist…she was a Hellenic polytheist with a specific and unusual bent in practice. The same kind that I am pursuing.

If that wasn’t strange enough her partner shares his name with my boyfriend!

*Stomach flip* This shit is real! I think I have my omen loud and clear that I have the gods blessings. We exchanged E-mails and I now have a hefty new book list that I can’t wait to check out! It was also really nice just to talk to somebody who has even passing familiarity with my brand of paganism. I love my local moot but that was the first that I have been able to talk about the gods (and MY gods to boot :D) with somebody that views them in the same way. It was the first time I have been able to discuss forms of mysticism and witchcraft from a non ‘pagan mainstream’ perspective. To be honest it was the first time I have ever had a conversation about religion where the other person was on the same chapter as me let alone the page!

I look forward to speaking to her (and hopefully others!) again!

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2 Responses to I can’t express all my joy in this title without endless punctuation.

  1. Nuri says:

    Watch out! She might just be the mirror-universe version of you. You need to do a check first, does she have a goatee and/or a strangely skimpy yet powerful outfit?

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