It’s finally here

I woke up yesterday to clear blue skies and biting cold. I wrapped up warm and went for a walk around the lake by my house. There are buds on some of the shrubs, the snowdrops are in bloom and there are crocuses beginning to appear.

Imbolc is here and that makes me more happy than I can portray in writing. This might illustrate: KJHFKJHDG!!!!AAHDHDFFG

After what seems like an eternity of winter, the earth is starting to wake again. am starting to wake again! The simple act of acknowledging this seasonal point has bought about a profound change within me. Suddenly I want out of my dark clothes (I want to wear lilac and white! I don’t even own any lilac and white things!) and I want to clean all of the things. I want to bake and plant seeds and be in the sun. I welcome this version of myself with open arms because she didn’t make an appearance last year.

Things that seemed like they were important yesterday I now see are not. I have a renewed sense of focus in my spirituality, and see that I was getting caught up on irrelevant things that were leading me nowhere. None of my revelations are new, I’m just connecting with myself more effectively.

Yesterday I had milk for the first time properly since the new year, and it was nice. I attended an imbolc ritual that did not speak to me, but I got to sit around a fire afterwards with some of my closest friends drinking whiskey* and chatting about ecstatic ritual and our favourite one-time attendees of our local moot (mine was the only other hellenic polytheist I’ve ever met in person who visited at an incredibly important time for me). There is something incredibly refreshing about getting home after a night on land you helped to cultivate, slightly dirty and smelling of woodsmoke.

This morning I cleaned the whole house, and took the rare opportunity to completely cleanse the whole house too (I live with 3 men who would not like such ridiculous practices in their households, but they’ve all gone away for the weekend!). It feels much better for it.

I look forward to what this year will bring!

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1 Response to It’s finally here

  1. ladyimbrium says:

    I *love* coming home after a night outside, slightly dirty and smelling of woodsmoke. Sadly, I really don’t get into this same spirit until a few weeks after Imbolc. We’ll have crocuses and snowdrops and the buds on the trees will begin to redden and there are already a few of the earliest robins hopping around… but I probably won’t really *feel* it for a while yet.

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