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I generally do not celebrate the neopagan wheel of the year¬†outside¬†of large, non-specific community gatherings. However Imbolc is an exception. I adore this time of year because spring is just around the corner (bringing with it warmth, new growth and … Continue reading

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Otherworldly dreams

Last night, I dreamt I was not human. I was something very similar in appearance, yet I could shed my skin like a reptile or an insect. I’d feel a little dry and just stretch out my arms, and my … Continue reading

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My unintentional disappearance!

I somehow managed to disappear of the face of the earth for a month, I apologize. I have watched my little blog traffic counter steadily rise and have felt terrible because of my complete lack of new content. My university … Continue reading

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Question: Dionysian festival

The other night I dreamt I was honouring Dionysos for a festival that began with T. I want to say it sounded something like ‘thalusia’ but that might be my concious mind trying to make sense of things after the … Continue reading

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Things that don’t require posts of their own – Dreams, allotments and books!

It’s been back to the grind this week, so I haven’t had much time to write about anything of substance, but here are some disjointed thoughts and updates from the past few days. 1. This flat is awesome. I am … Continue reading

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Ah, clue-bat. I missed you.

My favourite (and the most effective) way that the gods get me to notice them is by persistent external signs and omens. They usually get increasingly more obvious until I have to laugh and there can be no denying that … Continue reading

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My face

You know, I intended to start a dream journal. But right now I just don’t have the inclination to keep it up. This is a fault on my part, but I do find it easier to write the dreams down … Continue reading

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The bird omen

Last night, I had a very short, very odd dream. I was in my kitchen doing general mundaneries with my friend. I turned around and there was a female blackbird (my favourite bird) flying around. After a quick scuffle I … Continue reading

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Heliogenna, Poseidea and Dreams

In my previous post, I mentioned briefly that I was not sure whether to celebrate Heliogenna or Poseidea this year around the solstice time. In the end, I celebrated both! Heliogenna is a modern festival created by Hector lugo and … Continue reading

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Honouring my ancestors (OMG! Woo Woo shit!)

Breaking radio silence briefly to talk about some interesting dreams I have had recently and what I think they mean. You’ll have to bear with any typos…I burned my left hand badly and had to go to A+E. Now 3 … Continue reading

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