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A different worldview

I just received a text from my boyfriend. He is your classic agnostic, nominally Christian British male, but his family are very devout Methodists. He is sitting in church as I type this (texting in a holy place during an Easter Sunday is not something I agree … Continue reading

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30 days of paganism: 1. Beliefs – Why Paganism?

Revision has eaten me these last few weeks, and will probably continue to do so for several weeks longer. However, I have been wanted to start this series of posts for months now, and I think I finally have something … Continue reading

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Result of my re-evaluation (a disjointed post)

Note: This entry took me a week to write. I can’t get it much more coherent than this as I find it very hard to articulate. So I apologize if this blog post seems disjointed. Those that have read this … Continue reading

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Three parts to a god

I can be a bit of a hellenic polytheist stereotype sometimes, and I love to contemplate the nature of the gods. Often I end up confusing myself and then saying, ‘oh it doesn’t matter because no mortal will ever know anyway’ and … Continue reading

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