Introversion, Imbolc, and using internet powers for good; not evil.

I’m writing this post tucked up in bed between breaks in the last episode of breaking bad (I am going to marry Jesse and take him away from all that!!), sipping camomile tea with spearmint, yay!

As I think I have mentioned before, I acknowledge the wheel of the year in my own spirituality to an extent. Most of the sabbats do not have a religious context in my life outside of community ritual, but I do live in the UK and they are a nice way to mark the passing of the seasons and to observe the changes that occur both inside an out as the year moves on. My favourite of the eight observances has always been Imbolc. The promise of growth, warmth and plenty again after months of a grey, cold winter stirs something within me. For the last couple of years I have observed Imbolc simply by fasting for most of the day, and then breaking that fast in the evening with a home-made beef stew made with local ingredients, bread (which this year I will bake from scratch) and something dairy based for dessert to celebrate all those lactating Ewes.

I will do the same this year, but in additon to fasting on the day, I wanted to do something akin to lent from yule onwards and cut back on a few things. I want to cut out meat and dairy altogether (I usually have almond milk anyway) until February. I have been thinking about my reasoning for this, and the exact parameters of what this is going to entail and I came to the conclusion that my reason to want to do this isn’t for Imbolc or any other external reason; it’s actually just for me. From Samhain through to yule I begin to look inwards towards my hearth and home. It’s all very personal and familial, but the pace is frenetic. The period from yule to imbolc is a time to rest and digest for me, like how the earth lies dormant and is preparing for the new year. I can never choose where I like to say my spiritual years end and begin, and I think it’s because this time of year is so very liminal to me. It’s like the year ended at yule and won’t begin anew until Imbolc. What I really want right now is a period of purification and introspection.

And so my diet is purifying and detoxifying, and I am spending my time in preparation for a new year. I am an introvert by nature and after all the energy I have used up over the last year, I just want to curl up and focus on myself for a few weeks; keeping unecessary interaction and mindless chatter from all sources to a minimum. If I don’t take time out, I crash; and this year I don’t want to take a step back with regard to my mental health. I sometimes forget that on-line interaction can be just as draining as offline, and so when I log on after a long day, I am not helping myself. As I continue to work on looking at myself, I understand how I work and think throughout the year. I want to use this time for purification, health, study and worship.

With this in mind, I move to the final part of this post: using teh internet powerz for good instead of evil. In all seriousness, I mean to cut down on the amount of time I spend online; and try to make what I do on here productive. Before midday every day, I am not allowing myself to visit Tumblr, Facebook, Netflix; or basically any mind numbing time-passing type site such as those full of funny cat pictures (my inner self screams that funny cats ARE productive!). I will instead use the time this frees up to do important things like reading, working, exercising and worshipping. Any internet visits will be for research or to post here etc.

I have chosen to do this because I am at my most productive in the mornings, and it is a real shame to waste perfectly good hours in the day browsing things on the web. Over breakfast I could be getting through my epic reading list for the year, or writing down my dreams instead of scrolling through updates. Take tumblr for example. It’s like an angry version of this:

Once I look at it…I can’t really look away. But it doesn’t really have much of a point, does it? Instead of reading endless back and forth arguments within the pagan community that have been hashed out for years; I could actually post something of use to me or the world here. Even better, I could spend more time before my shrines.

This has been another meandering update into my life. Tonight is Hekate’s Deipnon so I’m going to clean up and cleanse my shrines later on. Goodnight!

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1 Response to Introversion, Imbolc, and using internet powers for good; not evil.

  1. Hare says:

    I hope your changes go well, and you are able to get done more things that you want to.

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