A is for a new start

What a shambles last year was both for practice and for blogging. I’m not angry at myself in any way though. After all, most of my year was spent ill with depression and anxiety (I am doing much better now, I still have dark days but they aren’t half as common, and the physical symptoms manifest less) and/or buried in my work. I’ve come out of 2012 as a fully qualified biomedical scientist. I am fitter, healthier and (underneath the brain biochemistry malfunction going on right now) HAPPIER person than I was in 2011.

As I mentioned in my last post all the way back in October, my original goals for the year had to take a back seat, and as a result I have been working on building up a basic foundational practice again. Daily household practices and my monthly observances are back, and I actually set aside time to communicate with my gods again, which in turn leads me to feel more connected, and I notice their influence more throughout the day.

As usual, I will post my new years resolutions here. For the beginning of this year at least, I will not be focusing on growth, but simply on maintenance:

  • Maintain my religious practice and devotion no matter what: I say this all the time, and it seems I don’t always listen to my own damn advice. I never feel more connected and more grounded in my practice than when I do a little something every day. I love my religion and I adore my gods. Worshipping them and developing spiritually makes me happier than most things, and sometimes I need to remember that when my motivation is down. If I just sing a hymn and light incense in the morning, that is something.
  • Maintain the healthy lifestyle I started living last year: I look and feel good and it does wonders for my confidence and well being. I’m going to make this the year of the six pack (getting there) and achieving my ideal flexibility level!
  • Make headway with my epic reading list: I have an ever growing non-fiction book collection. This year I want to actually set aside time in the week to read my books! I am not starting a new one until I have finished the previous, as my pile of half finished books is quite hilarious. My boyfriend was super observant when we were in a bookstore, and for christmas he bought me ‘Triumph of the Moon’ and ‘The Book of English Magic’.
  •  Blog more: I created this blog to be useful to the community, and right now it isn’t. I see people on the internet, especially tumblr; in need of help and I know I have helpful information that I can offer! This is why I am starting up with the pagan blog project again. I really enjoyed doing it last year until work got the better of me. Even if I don’t complete it this year, it will at least ease me back into blogging.
  • Continue to learn and practice witchcraft: *mutters to self* stupid witchcraft  refusing to go away *mutters* taking me out of my re-con comfort zone *mutters*. I haven’t made as much progress this year as I would have liked (are we seeing a theme?), but this thing won’t die and I am working and learning all of the time.

So there we have it, this post marks a new year and a new start for me in many aspects of my spiritual life. The first few months will likely see me finding my feet again, and talking about what I have been doing to regain my foundation. Wish me luck, and happy reading!

This post has been for the pagan blog project 2013.


P.s- My writing style should start to flow a little more once I get back into the habit of blogging. Sorry for the disjointed and rambling nature of this post!

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5 Responses to A is for a new start

  1. Hare says:

    I wholeheartedly empathise. I, too, have depression and anxiety (and other things…), and I know that PBP will be a challenge at some points. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour.

  2. shellythewitch says:

    rambling post are by far the most raw and are the best! thanks for sharing!

  3. It’s always good to know another person who is living with depression but doing well. Thanks for sharing that. Practice of witchcraft is just like yoga and general health. Maintenance makes you strong so it works for you all the time. That’s actually what my A post was about! Funny coincidence, you want to strengthen what I do well and I need to strengthen what you are doing- physical exercise. No time for me to begin like today. 🙂
    Well, tomorrow.

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