Dammit Mom!

A common devotional thing that I do for Hermes is to offer him loose change. I just scoop up lots of coppers from my purse and put them in a handmade clay amphora I bought for him in Crete.

I have honoured Hermes for nearly 5 years now, and that change accumulates. I decant it into large bags and will eventually send it away to a good cause or something.

That change specifically accumulated to £53. How do I know this? My wonderfully well meaning mother has been cleaning my room back at the parental home, where the money was left. She thought she’d be super sweet and convert it into real foldin’ money.

Time to do an emergency consultation with Hermes about what he’d like to be done with his new money!

(£53 in 1p and 2p’s though…wow).

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1 Response to Dammit Mom!

  1. Nykti says:

    I haven’t done it as a devotional work (although now I am intrigued… hmm), but I once had over $100 in my room in various places where I had squirrelled away piles of left over change. It was a bit amazing.

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