Calling and Choice: Creating Depth and Focus in a Practice

Over the next few months, my leisure time will be spent gathering information about folk magic and other practices. As I have mentioned before, I am taking the tentative steps towards a practice with a more magical bent. I have a wonderful list of books and academic journals that I can’t wait to curl up with and make some notes on. I am trying to be really on the ball about updating my ‘currently reading’ shelf on goodreads (it’s in my sidebar and has both my fiction and non-fiction reads in it) for my own reference, and in case anybody is interested.

I wish to draw my inspiration from, and work within a system based on English folk magic and ancient greek magical/mystical practices. I choose these places to draw from because they strike the deepest chord with me and are culturally relevant. English folk magic comes from the culture I participate in. I was born into it and so were my ancestors for as far back as I have ever researched. Ancient Greek magic comes from the culture of my religion, my gods, and a large portion of my worldview.

These are, as I said, my chosen starting places. The fact I was not asked to look into them by a god, spirit or human teacher made me mull over some ideas that prompted this post. There is a lot of talk within the wider pagan community about people answering a call to practice from some higher power. People that actively choose to embark on certain paths can sometimes be side-eyed, and that’s a real shame. I think this is why we see so many people asserting that they have been ‘claimed’ by certain gods or whatnot without any real understanding of what that entails, because they are afraid to admit that maybe they just came to paganism because it sounded right for them out of fear of being called a bandwagon jumper.

Granted, there are some things that I wouldn’t fucking do unless I was dragged kicking and screaming, like spiritwork for example. I have nothing but admiration for those that dedicate their lives to spirits, but I would not take up that mantle myself unless I was very strongly compelled by exterior forces that I could not stand up to. If other people are willing to take the shit that comes with certain paths and higher powers are receptive to their choice (if higher powers are involved at all), then what’s the problem?

I was called to take up a magical practice. I tried to ignore it for a very long time and found myself to be increasingly unhappy. When I had accepted the fact that I needed to do this, I received some instruction about areas I should focus on (one of which I totally do not feel ready for and it is slowing my progress somewhat), and that was it. Radio silence. The rest I have been left to work out on my own, and right now I am OK with that.

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4 Responses to Calling and Choice: Creating Depth and Focus in a Practice

  1. Soli says:

    Oh timing and synchronicity. My pondering of late has been around this: how do I take all my knowledge/book learning/information and transform them into actually Doing Magic? Magic(k) is what lead me to polytheism in the first place long ago. There are some magics I do periodically but all too often I do a little, don’t know where to go next, and it drops. I also feel like there is only so much spell work I can do on/for myself otherwise it gets redundant. Hopefully at some point soon I can get to blogging that for myself and figure out where to go from there.


    • Patch says:

      I’m in the same position. When there is a genuine need for spellwork I often find myself unsure as to where to begin. When there isn’t a need I don’t get the practice!

      • Soli says:

        So since we are in a similar boat, I thought I would let you know I am going to be both writing and sharing links related to this on my blog. First one is up already.

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