Pagan Pride Nottingham

I arrived back from my holiday in Gran Canaria at 6am Sunday morning.  I had 4 hours sleep at my parents’ house and then drove up to my (new!) house in Nottingham, to attend this years pagan pride parade. I must mention pagan pride every other other or so, because it is such a central thing in our local community. Many people in the area work really hard throughout the year to run fundraisers to pay for this event!

This year, literally thousands of people attended which was wonderful. Because of my flight, I hadn’t volunteered to marshal at the event but when I arrived and spoke to my friends, I was quickly given a T-shirt and ID badge because some marshals had not arrived (my name for the day was ‘Ricky chuck’, shake his parents hands). I sold raffle tickets which was a nice job, because I got to speak to lots of people.

Here I am with a man who sells fish. Known locally as ‘Dave the fish man’. He gets everywhere!

There were bands playing throughout the day at the bandstand, along with dancers and lots of lovely stalls! I bought some stunning malachite earrings with a honey bee motif from  firechild designs and a beautiful hand made mug from the green man potter. I wasn’t intending to buy the mug at first, because I have far too many; but after talking with the vendor for a while it was clear that he took great pride in his work. They were beautiful and I wouldn’t get the opportunity to purchase one again, and so got a black one with a floral design.

I couldn’t attend the after party at a local pub because I was completely exhausted. I was also nauseous and headache-y (I’m being made to see a chiropractor) and so cut my celebration short and curled up at home with my boyfriend and tea.

Overall it was a wonderful day, and it shows what can be done within the pagan community when people are dedicated enough.

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1 Response to Pagan Pride Nottingham

  1. Senka says:

    I didn’t realise there was a pagan event in Nottingham! Wow, that sounds amazing 🙂

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