Thanks, Homes, Altars and Books!

I got the results back from my exams today, the ones I thought I’d definitely fail. Well, I actually passed the year with 70%, which is brilliant! My prayers to Athene and Hermes were answered, and so now I am going to find them both something nice to offer as a thank you. I’m not sure what to give them just yet.

In other news, I have totally moved out of my flat, ready to move into my shiny new house in a week or so. My living situation was just not appropriate (living with an ex) so I am moving in with two of my best friends, I can’t wait!

Moving always forces me to take note of all the clutter I have accumulated, and it allowed me to have a large throw-out. Lots of things are going to the charity shop, and after my holiday I will take even more. I just don’t feel happy in a cluttered space, and I especially struggle spiritually. Aesthetics really matter and I cannot get into a decent headspace when I am surrounded by cluttered shelves and bits of paper. Ideally in the future, I’d love to have a whole room (or at least an area separated by a curtain or something) for my altars and shrines.

Whilst in the moving process, I only bought a few of my sacred items to my parents home. I left the bulk of my altar things in my flat, but didn’t think I would miss them too much. I was wrong. I was hit with the unpleasant realisation that without all my ‘things’ (my offering bowl, the oil burner etc), I just didn’t know how to worship. Have I grown that rigid in my practice that I can’t spontaneously honour my gods? Some of them are around all the damn time, they don’t just exist on that altar space but I seem to have forgotten how to maintain connection. It’s something I really need to address in the future.

In other news, I visited my local pagan shop for the first time last month! It had the usual fare of crystals and faery statues at high prices, but the book selection was quite broad. I bought Evolutionary Witchcraft by T. Thorn Coyle. I have enjoyed her other work, so I thought i’d check it out. It can maybe help me with the some of the basic exercises I mentioned in my previous post!

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