Things I should do more, but don’t

I am actually alive! The stress of work and exams has abated, and I get my results in just a few days time. The thing is, I haven’t written an entry here because I simply have nothing to write about. My religious practice has consisted entirely of regular libations to Athene, Hermes, Hera and Aphrodite. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but it hardly makes for interesting and thought provoking reading. When so many hours of my day are filled up, I don’t make time to experiment and have deeper communion with the gods, because they haven’t asked that of me. The concept of differing intensities of relationship with gods is something I want to address at some point in the future so I won’t say any more on that right now.

A morning libation however, just isn’t enough to make me feel connected throughout the day, not just to my gods, but to life in general. I walk round in a state of disconnect and discontentment, and sometimes feel a lot of excess energy that I can’t seem to channel into something useful. I am actively working on this and starting to increase my spiritual practices again, but in the meantime, I have been doing some really basic things that have been helping a lot. When I say basic, I mean the things that just about every pagan is told to do at some point, even if it is just in their neowiccan days. They actually really work, and it’s a stark reminder to me not to overcomplicate things.

So here are the things that everyone is told to do at some point, that I am actually starting to do regularly:

  • Ground + Centre -This is useful for a number of reasons. If I have a lot of exess energy (please excuse the cliche, but I really was buzzing after a recent thunderstorm) and have nothing religious or magical in mind to channel it into, grounding it really helps me return to normal. Centring also helps me to feel more focused and less useless, lethargic and ick. Finally, on days when I feel anxious and gross; it can sometimes help me slow down enough that I don’t freak out.
  •  Shield – I get way too affected by other people’s shit. Shielding surprisingly really helps, and stops me becoming a moody bitch every time my father’s oppressive energy is in a room.
  • Take regular walks out in nature- Again, what a cliche sentence! I love being outside though, and taking some time out makes me feel more centred, and closer to my gods and environment.
  • Meditate
  • Small acts of magic- I have said for a while that a magical practice is something I actively want to build. It was so important that I turned away from reconstruction ism. I still don’t have much confidence in these areas, and I will never build that confidence up unless I practice often.

I hope to be posting here again more soon, consider this a place-holder! The Nottingham Pagan Pride Parade is exactly a month away, and I have been involved in volunteering and fundraisers! I’d like to post more about that at some point.

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