Dark moon goodness!

Firstly, I just want to mention that I have finished work at the hospital for a few months. I really enjoyed my time there and will be sad to leave. I had to present a case study about a patient with bacterial meningitis, and it went really well! I am currently lacking a project title for my dissertation, however. Originally I was going to be trialling some new molecular techniques to test for Norovirus (more poo…yay…), but the hospital decided not to go through with that because any findings I made would be too costly to implement. Hopefully  I’ll get another molecular based project, but with a sample type that isn’t as gross.

Now that I have finished, I have revision to think about (lots and lots of that). The new lunar month coincided very nicely with the end of my time there, and I can now focus on other, more spiritual things.

Last night, instead of my usual format for Hekate’s Deipnon; I did something a little more informal. I cleansed my household and my shrines as usual before presenting offerings to Hekate, Hermes and my ancestors; and then performed some divination for the coming month with my casting collection. The message I got was quite interesting and seemed to strongly stress the need for me to see the spiritual in the mundane.

On Thursday I attended my usual informal divination group. I used my new shadowscapes tarot deck (in addition to the good ol’ casting collection that people just seem to adore) and I can already see that I will have a much better time divining with this deck than my other one. I connect to the images a whole lot more and after only a week, I am hardly consulting the book.

I chose to learn the meaning of each card by looking through the deck and just picking out the cards that called to me at that particular time, instead of reading through in chronological order. This way, even if I pull out the same card for a few days in a row; the impression I get from each card will hopefully be a lasting one.

I hope to be a whole lot more productive this month when it comes to my practice, and as a result, I hope to be posting more here!

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3 Responses to Dark moon goodness!

  1. Soli says:

    Have you done a post about your casting collection? I’d be curious to see/hear about it.

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