Practice makes perfect

I seem to use the term ‘practice’ all the time. I guess it is a subconscious acknowledgement of the fact that I never stop learning and changing and trying to improve in my spiritual work.

This week, I have started to actively practice my tarot reading skills again. Tarot work had taken a back seat since my casting collection reached a point where it could read effectively. I do get something out of the tarot though, and with the help of friends I have been learning some simple techniques that aid in interpreting a reading. I performed a very simple and very accurate spread earlier in the week, and it seems that I am finally getting the hang of it!

As a reward/incentive for further study/’omfg payday’, I bought myself the beautiful Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. I have had my eye on this stunning deck since before I had even learnt how to use the tarot, but I now think I am at a point where I could read these cards without getting confused.

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One Response to Practice makes perfect

  1. Senka says:

    Oh I absolutely love the Shadowscapes tarot! such beautiful art 🙂

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