Not too long after my last post, I completely dismantled my altar save for a few essential items (an incense burner, an offering bowl and my statue of Hermes who I am honouring daily at the moment). If you were to look at all of the photos I have posted of my altar over the last 3 years or so, you will see that very little has changed. However, I have; and the arrangement was no longer working for me at all. It hasn’t been an inspiring space for me for at least a year, but I had somehow got my,’it should all be about the gods’ attitude mixed up with a ‘don’t change anything ever!’ attitude. The set up was inorganic and boring, and far from inspiring me to leap up and worship the gods; I would instead feel roused to do some impromptu ritual, glance over at my altar and fall back to earth with a little bump.

My approach to my religion has changed very drastically over this last year, and yet my altar (and many other aspects of my practice, which has been addressed elsewhere) has not. An altar is a focal point of worship. It is one of the few areas in my tiny home that can be dedicated entirely to the sacred and I have made improper use of it.

And so it is a blank slate once again, and I have to admit that I already feel more positive about my spiritual practice than I have done in years. I am going to build it again from the ground up, making it beautiful and relevant as I go.

Lastly, I received a very insightful tarot reading from a friend of mine at the weekend. It suggested that I should be incorporating many more mundane, practical tasks into my religious practice. She used the Deviant Moon Tarot to do my reading, which I adored. I really want a deck for myself!


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  1. Apollodorosh says:

    I did the same thing once… I had put pictures of the Gods on the wall behind my altar, but it had become so much and so distracting by adding more and more pictures of more and more deities, I ultimately felt it was no longer conducive to worship. So I stripped them all off of the wall again. Such a “reboot” of ones altars/shrines can feel quite kathartic actually 😀

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