What I was up to

Before my life was taken up by looking at bacteria in blood and faeces (believe it or not, I actually chose this career), I was looking to bring about some important changes in my spiritual practice. For now this has fallen by the wayside and I am just focusing on maintaining a relationship with my gods through basic devotion. I will pick up this work again in earnest in mid April.

My practice needs to change in order to account for the massive paradigm shift I have undergone in the last few months. So many of the things that I do just don’t make sense anymore, nobody is benefiting from those practices and I am stagnating. I want to craft a festival calendar that includes:

  • Feast days for my gods
  • Periods of fasting and purification
  • More days set aside for honouring my ancestors
  • Days that honour aspects of the natural world, things like seasonal changes and weather patterns. This is something I have struggled with in the past because they are abstract concepts without a deity specifically attached to them. I have come to understand in recent months that I really don’t have to honour discrete, named entities all of the time in order for a practice to be meaningful and in order to honour the divine.

I also really want to do a complete altar overhaul. It has looked the same for many years and has little aesthetic appeal for me any more. Ideally, I would like space for at least one more large altar and several more shrines (I would love for Hera to have a shrine), but this will likely have to wait.


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One Response to What I was up to

  1. lokisdattir says:

    Heh. Sometimes I feel like all my scientific research revolves around poo. Oh, the glamorous life of research biologists…

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