D is for Deipnon

I didn’t do a pagan blog project post last week as I just didn’t have the time. I technically still don’t have time, and so this post does not go into half as much detail as I would have liked it to! In the future I will write a fully sourced article with more information about this rite, plus some useful primary sources for those who are interested. Consider this a taster based mostly on modern practice!

Hekate’s Deipnon (which translates as supper, but the meal itself is closer to dinner in nature) is celebrated on the last day of the lunar month, before the crescent of the new moon is visible in the sky.

The purpose of this rite was threefold: to purify the household and it’s occupants, to placate   vengeful spirits and to offer a meal to Hekate.

In modern times, many people use this as a time to thoroughly clean their homes and altars, and to ‘take stock’ of the previous month. I cleanse my home with Bay on this day, asking Hekate propylaia to bless and protect it.

Offerings to Hekate include eggs, garlic, leek and the ‘sweepings’ from your cleaning. I had some interesting UPG some time ago, and I now offer Hekate a tithe of all the food I have on hand. I also offer up candle stubs, incense ash, and all those annoying little things that accumulate as part of devotional worship.

I also tend to offer a libation to my ancestors on this day, and offer up a prayer for those less fortunte than I. Some modern Hellenic polytheists like to donate to a homeless shelter on this day, as a nod to the fact that in ancient times people would lay out their offerings to Hekate at her shrine before the gates of their property, and the poor would eat it.

In lieu of a shrine on the boundary of your property, offerings can be left at a crossroads, or  art a place where land, sea and sky meet.

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