C is for Cleansing

Yet another post as part of the Pagan Blog Project.

Just in case the last few posts have not made this clear, spiritual cleanliness plays a large role in my regular spiritual practice. It ranges from taking a shower after intercourse before approaching any of my shrines, to large rituals designed specifically to cleanse a space of miasma.

Here is a brief outline of one such basic ritual. I usually accompany this with prayers and offerings to my gods.

Firstly, I physically tidy the space I wish to cleanse. This is one of those things that people always tell newbies to do, and honestly, you really should. Trying to cleanse a physically dirty space of miasma will not be as effective and cleansing a clean one! At the very least I vacuum (doing a dorky visualisation at the same time, picturing the hoover sucking up all the bad energy), tidy things away and dispose of all the little bits of paper and tissue that inexplicably accumulate around my living space.

Next, I open up the windows and brew an infusion of Bay. As I have said in a previous post, smoke would be more preferable but I work with what I have. I begin to walk the perimeter of the space, sprinkling the infusion all around me as I go, saying ‘Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi! Let all that is profane be far from here!’. This is something that I picked up years ago from a ritual I found at http://www.hellenion.org, and it stuck. For those that are interested, I have researched the phrase and whilst it supposedly has it’s origin in the Eleusinian mysteries, it is most often seen in relation to the golden dawn.

My cleansing rituals almost always involve the cleansing of my altar, and so once I have made my circuit of the room I asperse my altar in the same way, before dismantling it and physically washing all of the items upon it in my infusion. All the time I keep chanting and praying to each god it turn when I pick up an item that belongs to them.

Once I have put everything back into it’s original place, I put some Lavender oil into a diffuser (again, smoke would be preferable) for further purification, and some Rosemary oil into another at the opposite end of the room to banish any remaining bad energy.

This is the most basic large scale purification rite that I perform. I do it at least once a month at the dark moon for Hekate’s Deipnon, and occasionally more often if I feel that my space needs a little boost; or if my shrines somehow get defiled.

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1 Response to C is for Cleansing

  1. Soli says:

    Cleansing certainly seems to be a popular one under C. It’s very interesting how so many seemingly separate traditions can be so alike in practice.

    Soli (who also enjoys your tumblr.)

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