A call for books!

Does anybody know of any good books that deal with things like the ancient greek views of the afterlife, treatment and worship of the dead and so forth? Academic texts if possible.

It is becoming apparent that this is something I should be learning about in greater detail.

ETA: If possible, the more specific the book, the better!

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10 Responses to A call for books!

  1. H Kitto’s The Greeks is an oldie but a goodie – a pretty comprehensive overview of the society with chapters on all aspects of life there from what I remember. It was number one on my reading list when I was studying ancient Greek tragedy for my degree. Good luck

  2. bri says:

    Greek Religion by Walter Burkert

  3. Patch says:

    Thank you both! I love Walter Burkert’s book, it was one of the first I ever bought when I came to Hellenic polytheism!

    I am looking right now for books that deal exclusively with the topics above, as opposed to texts on overall religion or society. I should probably amend my post with that, haha!

  4. hynafol says:

    “Greek and Roman Necromancy” on Princeton University Press by Daniel Ogden is good. For afterlife and such I heard that “After Life in Roman Paganism: Lectures Delivered at Yale University on the Silliman Foundation” on Wipf & Stock Publishers by Franz Cumont in Books is wonderful 🙂 I think both of these books can be found on amazon~!

  5. In addition to Ogden’s Necromancy (which I highly recommend) I’d add Robert Garland’s The Greek Way of Death and Emily Vermeule’s Aspects of Death in Early Greek Art and Poetry (this seems to be a new edition – wonder how different it is from the one I read.) These are probably some of your best options for a general introduction – if you want to get into more specific stuff like hero cultus, Orphic eschatology, necromancy, etc. there are others worth looking into. Additionally you might check your local university library or see if you can interlibrary loan things. That way you can research without breaking the bank.

  6. Patch says:

    Thanks both of you! Ogden has been recommended to me several time this last year, so I will most definitely check him out.
    I will also put Garland on my list.

    @Sannion- This year from my uni library, I swear I have checked out just as many books relevant to my spiritual interests as I have science books. xD

  7. Apollodorosh says:

    “Miasma- Pollution and Purification in Early Greek Religion” (http://www.amazon.com/Miasma-Pollution-Purification-Clarendon-Paperbacks/dp/0198147422) is about miasma, and should have a section about miasma surrounding death. I haven’t got this book, nor read it, but a friend of mine did really advise it. It is rather expensive though.

  8. Kaye says:

    Try Restless Dead — it focuses a lot on proper ritual conduct and ways of appeasement.

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