A little update on my casting collection

As I think I have mentioned before, I meet on the tuesday closest to the dark moon with other female pagans and witches to practice divination.

This month I bought my collection casting system, and once again it performed wonderfully in response to other peoples questions. At first, I was not convinced that it was working as I threw down the pieces and only 3 of them landed inside my marked area. Not a single one of those three were close to the central area that indicates significance either.

But as soon as I started to interpret the reading, I could tell by my friends face that I was on the money. No piece had fallen into the central region because all three pieces on the cloth denoted the main problem. I then noticed that quite a large amount of the other pieces had formed a concentric ring around the cloth, as if they were waiting to become significant in the questioner’s life once she had dealt with her current issues.

Reading for others not only presents me with new ways to interpret a reading and gain a deeper insight into the meaning of each piece, but it also gives me new ideas! My set is far from complete, and my friends had some useful suggestions for things that I should find pieces for, e.g. Hobbies.

The set is still being cast onto a piece of paper. I need to remedy that very soon!

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