Will, Resolve and Discipline.

Happy new year folks!! I hope 2012 will be a successful and happy year for all of you.

This is the obligatory new years resolution post! This year for once I actually thought quite hard about what I was going to pick as my resolution. I have several personal goals and an clear image of how I want to be this time next year, which I am not willing to share publicly at this time. It is going to take a lot of hard work to get to that point, but I have broken the main goal down into things I need to focus on and strive for.

The key things I need to develop in both my mundane and my spiritual life are listed above; will, resolve and discipline. In the last few months it has become painfully apparent just how much I lack these things. In my mundane life this translates as a complete lack of backbone. I cannot bring myself to say ‘no’ to people and I never speak up when I have concerns, causing them to build up until it is far too late to resolve the issue easily. In my spiritual life it translates as a shoddy devotional schedule, endless ‘lapsed’ phases and worry about what others may think.

If I can make a conscious effort to work on these things and be a grown-up about it; I know everything else will click into place.

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