‘Woo’ of the week -Ladybirds and one eyed Tramps

I always worry about posting ‘woo’ stuff on this blog. I worry that some people will be turned off reading because they find what I have written to be too far-fetched, and I simultaneously worry that others will find what I write too wishy washy and fluffy. Then I remember that this is my blog and I am writing for myself and for others that are in my situation; and that these entries may be of some help. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be reading if you had no time for ‘woo’, and the rest of the time I like to think that i’m pretty rational.

On Wednesday I was lounging around in bed, revelling in the fact that I didn’t have to be anywhere for hours. Suddenly I heard an odd hissing noise that pulled me out of my daydreams and made me sit bolt upright. What I had heard was actually the wings of a 7-spot ladybird. It was sitting in my offering bowl upon my altar.

This is not the first time I have found an odd insect somewhere auspicious (there was once a spider that appeared at eye level with me during a household spirit rite, only to disappear immediately after). I feel really stupid when I say things like this, but I swear that it was a concealed spirit.

The thing is, I fucking hate ladybirds. The way they suddenly fly has always scared the shit outta’ me. But this little guy walked languidly round the circumference of my offering bowl for about half an hour and so I figured I should do something. As mentioned above, I didn’t think that it was just a ladybird (in December too) and so I offered it some sandalwood incense, invited it to stick around for a short time; and performed some divination to ascertain what it wanted. The results I got were interested and corresponded with a message I had received in a ritual the night before (I hate it when stuff like that happens as it means I am unable to deny that what I am experiencing is real. My life would be so much easier if I could be an atheist, haha). I also said that I would research the ‘spiritual meaning’ of ladybirds.

It stuck around for a further half hour or so making it’s little journey around my offering bowl until I looked up the meanings, as I said I would. When I looked up again it had disappeared and I haven’t seen it since.

A second ‘woo’ happened around midnight on the same day. I was queuing with some friends to get into a club, and the queue was so dense that I couldn’t move. I was standing next to an alcove where a homeless man in a ‘happy’ dwarf mask from snow white was sheltering. He started talking to me, which made me uncomfortable; but I am not shitting you…he had one eye. He claimed he recognised my face and then asked if I knew a certain pub. I freaked slightly at that since I live OPPOSITE the pub in question. I denied knowledge of the pub. He said some other interesting things, and I really regret not having change to give him. He left soon after and wished me a good evening, and I returned the greeting in good faith.

Things like this are becoming more common for me now. I’m terrible at decent etiquette and I handle things without the grace that others seem to have; but I am blundering through.

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3 Responses to ‘Woo’ of the week -Ladybirds and one eyed Tramps

  1. Aubs Tea says:

    The fact that you are ‘blundering’ through means your human.

  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself, I think that most the time when things of the Other just pop up in your day it’s hard to do anything besides blunder. The fact that he wished you a good evening is a good sign. And I for one certainly don’t think it far fetched, not that really helps any lol.

  3. Tallasheena says:

    A coworker of mine was flirted with by a customer she had never seen before; an older man with glasses and a large grey beard. He asked for her by name, invited her out for drinks and wished her a good night when she turned him down. He has not been back since, altho she’s now freaked out and looking for him.

    If the Old Ones can take the gentle, freaked out rebuff of a ‘muggle’ (for lack of a better term), They can certainly be understanding to those of us who should know what we’re seeing, but haven’t got the memo yet :p

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