My unintentional disappearance!

I somehow managed to disappear of the face of the earth for a month, I apologize. I have watched my little blog traffic counter steadily rise and have felt terrible because of my complete lack of new content.

My university work has more or less eaten all of my free time as I have had coursework set every week and will have until after Christmas. Right now it is a delightful case study on multiple myeloma.

What started out as a month of intense ritual and devotion had somewhat petered out by the end. I observed all the holy days for my gods that I said I would, but I didn’t do much else. This is something I really need to work on as what starts out as missing a few morning devotions will soon result in apathy. I have never been in a better situation to practice freely and after this year I may not be again for some time. I have to get it into my head that this opportunity is something not to be squandered.

There are things I want to learn and ‘woo woo’ things I want to try; but right now I have to accept that I need to focus on my mundane learning, and gaining laboratory skill sets. I have the rest of my life to advance on my spiritual path. A few more years of just basic devotional work will not kill me.

I dream a lot during the lulls in which I don’t so much ‘spiritual study’. I think it highlights the fine line between reading to be inspired and learn; and being an armchair pagan.

I dreamed of  basic things. I dreamed instructions for the simplest of techniques that I should pick up. I was giving a series of offerings over 3 days, things varying from Lasagne to strips of raw rabbit flesh with the fur still attached. I gave offerings to a flamboyant masked spirit called ‘the magpie’. I worked through some book based lessons in a wood surrounded by fungi. I was made to interpret oracle cards without set meaning based solely on their moving images.

They were simple things that were being taught to me by those who were more experience, as befits my beginners status in many of the newer aspects of my path. I will pay them the necessary attention and continue with my baby steps. 🙂

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