A busy ritual month

I kick started the lunar month (well, technically ended the old one) with Hekate’s Deipnon. I cleansed my new flat for the first time, and offered her myrrh incense and the cherry mead which I only give to her and the ancestors.  The new month also marked a new start for me, and my divination suggests that this month will be about re-building things and striking a balance with emotional issues. This is a message I have received from other gods since.

I performed more divination as part of my Noumenia rite the day after. This was with my casting collection in order to gain some insight into how things will pan out for me in the recent future. Since this reading my collection has been charging on my windowsill. I plan to leave it there for a full moon cycle.

Since the Noumenia I have been observing my gods holy days, and attended a local pagan group Samhain ritual at our allotment. Considering this group rite, it was considerably more intense than any of us expected. I think this was due to the fact that the rite was a more or less private affair (normally for group rituals the entire community is invited and it takes place in a public space, but this was just for the allotment group) and was tking part on natural land that we have, as a group, built a relationship with. We also got to have a fire in the centre of the circle, and eat stew afterwards!

A friend of mine called in the north. During his invocation he made a loud, gutteral cry. It was intensely powerful and I think the rite changed for everybody at that moment. In addition to being quite intense (thank the gods for the full hearty meal we enjoyed afterwards, I was shaking), due to the subject matter it was also quite an emotional ritual for some and there were tears.

I chose to honour my great-grandmother by name, and then during the offerings portion of the rite I gave some of my above mentioned mead to all my ancestors by blood, culture and adoption.

Tonight I honoured Poseidon as it is the 8th of the lunar month. A check in with him has been long overdue.

Normal posting should resume soon. Right now I am so busy with work (both spiritual and mundane) and a sudden thriving social life that I barely have time to be on-line. Until then, please bear with these disjointed updates!

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1 Response to A busy ritual month

  1. SatSekhem says:

    It sounds like you’ve had a busy month, but also, a lot of fun.

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