Question: Dionysian festival

The other night I dreamt I was honouring Dionysos for a festival that began with T.

I want to say it sounded something like ‘thalusia’ but that might be my concious mind trying to make sense of things after the dream.

I was wondering if anybody more knowledgeable than I knew about such things knew of a festival with a similar name? I am aware that that this festival may not actually exist historically but it is worth me taking a look.

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2 Responses to Question: Dionysian festival

  1. lokisdatter says:

    Found it!
    THALY´SIA (thalusia), a festival celebrated in honour of Dionysus and Demeter (Menand. Rhet. quoted by Meursius), or according to others of Demeter alone, as it is described by Theocritus in his seventh idyll, and by the grammarians who wrote the arguments to the same. It was held in autumn, after the harvest, to thank the gods for the benefits they had conferred upon men (Spanheim ad Callimach. Hymn. in Cer. 20 and 137; Wüstemann ad Theocrit. Idyll. vii. 3). [L. S.]

    • Patch says:

      Argh! Now I feel silly, I remember Thalysia!.
      I have heard of the festival before but mentally disregarded it as I associated it with Demeter; plus my alternate spelling didn’t show up anything in Google. It didn’t even cross my mind to tweak it.

      Thank you for the help! I now know several places where I can obtain relevant info. 🙂

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