Moving the altar (again!)

From Saturday onwards I will officially live in just one place again! yay!

Therefore, my altar once again needs to be packed up and transported to a new place. This year I am taking the set of drawers that it sits upon too! This means that I have a large, practical surface to work on (instead of having to delegate my altar to a shelf like last year, which I hated and my practice suffered as a result) and storage space below to keep candles and other supplies. I am hoping that my spiritual practice will flourish as I will have a level of privacy and open space that I have never had the pleasure of before now!

I am also hoping to buy some kind of small corner unit to house some mini shrines. One for my ancestors (I don’t feel comfortable honouring them on the same shrine as the theoi), one for Hermes and one for Hera.

Hera has been getting my attention for a few weeks now. I see her name and symbols everywhere! Other people have actually started to notice too. I have given her honour for a few years now, but not in an immensly deep or personal sense. She’s also a goddess who I have always felt ‘attracted’ to, but I have not pursued this. Today I went into a charity shop on a whim and found this lovely bowl:

 (Apologies for the picture quality, I borrowed my mothers camera to take these and I couldn’t work out the settings for shit!).

Naturally, I bought it for Hera and I intend to use it as an offering bowl just for her.

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5 Responses to Moving the altar (again!)

  1. I have taken to putting my ancestor shrine *under* my regular altar. I’m not sure what started it, but it felt *right* and I had a lay-out that was amenable to it. 🙂

    • Patch says:

      If I had the right kind of set up, I think I’d do the same!

      I just don’t like to mix them because none of my ancestors in the last few hundred years have been pagan let alone Hellenic pagans!

    • I think that is a great idea and I will do so too now *grin*. It seems rather reminiscent for me of the tomb-altar of Apollon at Amyclae. What a fascinating idea!

  2. Whenever I move, the shrines are always first priority. Usually they are the first things to accompany me directly with the movies, only my last move was different which left me somewhat shrineless for a while which was more disconcerting that I probably want to admit.
    That is great you are experiencing the beginnings of a real relationship with Hera. I love Hera. She ranks right up there with Apollon and Artemis in my own domestic worship 🙂 She gets such a bad rap because of literal taking of the myths!
    That bowl is just lovely! It is the perfect offering bowl I think 🙂 I myself have a vase painted with peacocks that I just can’t wait to get my hands on again LOL.

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