Hints of Presence

Yesterday I came home from from my new flat (right now I’m stretched between two places, which is a little awkward and not all that cost effective either) and went straight upstairs to my altar. I finished burning down a candle I had offered to Zeus, and lit one for Hera (who has been trying to get my attention recently). I sat down to meditate and wait for the candle to extinguish when I heard a ‘ping’ sound from another room.

The sound came from an old German music box that was gifted to me when I was very young. Nobody was in the house to make it work, and it never normally makes any sound by itself.

I simply called out, ‘and hail to you, household spirits! I will light you some incense also!’.

As if by reply, the music box went ‘ping’ once more.

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2 Responses to Hints of Presence

  1. I used to have a small music box that did that every so often when I was a teenager.. it used to freak me out when it happened in the middle of the night. Your approach to this though was great 🙂 It never would have occurred to me back in the day when I had a music box!

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