Allot(ment) of fun!

Har har I’m hilarious.

Last weekend me and my friends within the local pagan community went up to a allotment we recently acquired for the first time. It’s a huge area (bigger than my garden, haha) that hasn’t been used since the 1950’s! In fact, the allotments were some of the oldest and largest detached town gardens in Britain and are a heritage site! It is bordered by a Hawthorne hedge and is set over 3 levels.

We spent the day clearing the land and making it safe and healthy again. The men cut back all the brambles and chopped up some wood for the fire and made a boundary fence out of the rest. The women began clearing the area of glass (a task that we will probably doing for years, there’s just so much buried in the soil!), brick and organic debris.

Once winter comes and the sap stops rising, we shall be cutting down 3 sycamores on site that are diseased, and choking everything else. The wood from these will be used to build supports for the graduated ground where the old bricks and mortar have become unsafe.

There is a large silver birch in the centre of the plot. It was somewhat uncertain when we first arrived but seems to be getting used to us after we plied it with tobacco and explained our intentions. It also seemed to be happy that we were removing the sycamores.

It was nice to spend an entire day labouring outside in the dirt (it’s a good kind of pain!). I smelled of earth and wood smoke and turned my shower water grey! We even had a delicious stew while we were down there; courtesy of my friend who bought all the equipment and ingredients and cooked it over a camp fire for us! I can’t wait to get back down there again over the next few months! We will use the space for growing veggies and things next year, and for community ritual. I will try and get some pictures next time as it’s a project that I am super enthusiastic about.

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