Moving the altar

About a week ago I decided to shift my main altar from it’s original position on the small set of drawers under my bed (I have one of those 6ft tall beds. It’s the bane of my life but I just don’t have the space for anything conventional) to the taller set that acted as my dresser. In it’s new place it occupies the most prominent position in the room, and I have to pass it when I enter which encourages a constant mindfulness.

The altar looking all used and messy. Say hi to Hermes! In the dish there is a Rowan leaf and some white clover that I wanted to keep on there for a while.

The snake representing Zeus Meilichios; coiled around the candles that represent the hearth.

In addition, I am phasing out all of my paraffin candles and replacing them with beeswax. I bought a small candle for the Agathos Daimon but it didn’t fit any of my holders. I improvised for a few days with…a star shaped ouzo bottle!

However, just hours after I took this photo I went to some local charity shops and came back with a pretty brass candle holder. I love brass and bronze.  Candle holders like this have an aesthetic that I love. What I really want is a chamberstick.

That’s all for now! I have recently got myself a Tumblr, which I love. There, I am slowly uploading the photos I took in Cyprus. Check it out if you like temples and fancy pants Hellenistic necropolis’. 😉

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6 Responses to Moving the altar

  1. lokisdatter says:

    I was obsessed with Greek mythology as a kid (umm, I still kind of am, heheh) and it delights me to no end that people actually worship them. Props to you! And Hermes, hands down, is my favorite…

  2. It looks nice and I love your brass candle holder..what a great find!

  3. Juniper Jeni says:

    I have the same leaf dish. Only I use it for smudge sticks.

  4. Aelwyn says:

    I think I have a chamber stick. If you want it, you can have it. You’d just have to pay for shipping. 🙂 I don’t use it, and I try to give my past altar items to people who truly want them.

  5. Basti says:

    My granny also has such a snake on the cupboard where she has the pictures of our family… hmmm, maybe I have to ask her if she is a Hellenist 🙂

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