My foray into crafting: Box shrine

My local pagan community (which I do plan on writing about at some point) hosts a little craft group on Sunday afternoons, to raise money for a big Pagan Pride event that it organises and runs. I go along when I can, but I am pretty damn awful at crafting.

This week, one of the available things to make were matchbox shrines. Naturally I had to make one; and it seemed most fitting that I should make one for Hermes (I think I pester him as the protector of travellers more than any of his other aspects on a day to day basis, so it seemed fitting to make him a portable shrine. Not to mention the fact that he’s been pretty vocal recently).

I bought along some little beads and charms of my own that relate to Hermes, from prayer beads which I never got around to making. I used 3 copper coins from my purse, a small coin charm (in a greek/macedonian style), a tortoise charm, a tiny key charm and a little bead with the word ‘dream’ on it.

The making of the shrine was a lot easier for me than some of the other things I have crafted in the past. The action of gluing, sticking and painting in a precise way reminds me of the action of preparing and mounting microscope slides. Something I do in my day to day mundane life. It is far from perfect, there are glue marks and rough edges and a slight colour mismatch; but I made it for him and I like it.

In the future I will definitely make more of these, either as part of the group or alone because I think they are such a good idea. As I get better I will make a better one for Hermes too. For now I hope he likes my amateur attempt (It’s the wilted daisy offering effect. If a child brings wilted daisies from the back garden for her mother, then the mother will adore them because that is all the child can give. If the child did that as an adult when they had to means to do better…then not so much).

Onto the photos:

I swear my face isn’t really that lumpy. It’s the light I say, the light! Anyway, this is what the shrine looks like when it’s closed. It has a wrap around cover that opens like a book. I chose brown and green as the main colours for the shrine because I have always associated them with Hermes. The ribbon has pretty leaves on it.

This is the inside of the shrine. The cover bit got cut off in the photo, but you can just about see where I painted Hermes  badly in Greek. There are 3 copper coins stuck to the back of the box, and the beads hanging down are the ones I mentioned before that each represent an aspect of Hermes.

I also noticed today that the shrine opens backwards >.< D’oh.

Regular posting should resume soon! I have finished both working at the hospital and my first year of uni, yay! For those that may be interested, it looks like I am set to finish this year with a first. My grades for one module have yet to come in, but so far I have 75.4%, hooray!

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2 Responses to My foray into crafting: Box shrine

  1. That looks great 🙂 I have never made a matchbook shrine before (though I did once do one out of a small wooden “chest” for my daughter. I am sure it was a great deal of fun to make, and that you brought some things with you particular for Hermes makes it very meaningful I am certain 🙂

  2. Ruadhan says:

    That’s great! I should get around to making some myself. 🙂

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