Ah, clue-bat. I missed you.

My favourite (and the most effective) way that the gods get me to notice them is by persistent external signs and omens. They usually get increasingly more obvious until I have to laugh and there can be no denying that I am not imagining things.

Hermes has very unsubtly tapped me on the shoulder over the last fortnight. I had been having some travel issues and I suspected Hermes, but nothing more. Later in the week I was walking past a building I pass several times a week, and looked at it properly for the first time. There were tiles across the front of the building depicting the Olympian gods, with Hermes at the centre. The week after I peered through the window of what I have always assumed was an Indian restaurant, only to find a great big picture of Hermes staring back.

Then, as the icing on the cake; I was sitting in the cafeteria at the hospital where I’m working at, looking out idly at the road beyond. Hilariously, a giant lorry with ‘Hermes’ printed across it’s side drove past. This was all the conformation I needed but I guess je thought I needed a little more, because on the way home I noticed an image of Hermes for the first time on the florists I walk past every day; and a pound coin fell out of my laundry which had no pockets for a pound coin to be in.

I’m now starting to wonder if it isn’t just Hermes who is trying to get my attention right now. I can’t confirm yet (especially being in one place and all my favoured divination tools being in another), but I think there may be some kind of collective effort on the part of the Olympians, perhaps to ‘call me back’ in a way. I won’t rehash why that would possibly be necessary for them…just read the last 6 months worth of blog entries.

It wasn’t just Hermes on that building, it was all twelve. My dad was talking about a military operation called Aphrodite, and last night I dreamed that I jumped into the sea and hurt myself on a submerged trident. There are multitudes of tiny references to the gods in my daily life at the moment, and it’s too consistent to be coincidence. Watch this space.

P.S- My work placement has eaten me. I’m spending the month at a hospital pathology lab. I am loving the work but I’m out of the house for twelve hours a day and have to get my state registration portfolio done when I return in the evenings. Boo hiss boo.


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2 Responses to Ah, clue-bat. I missed you.

  1. Alexandra says:

    It reminds me what has happened to me these last months (and there’s a picture of a building with Hermes included in my post): http://artemismelissa.dreamwidth.org/4561.html

  2. The gods certainly do reveal things in signs 🙂

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