Delighting the senses

I am one of these people of the opinion that if it looks good, tastes good, sounds good or smells good then it is worthy of my gods. They delight in beauty.

Therefore, every time I unpack my shrine items from their box (when I go home for the holidays I bring everything with me); the sweet smell I am met with warms my heart. The delicate tissue papers that my most precious and sacred things are wrapped in, are thoroughly infused with the subtle scents of countless candles and incenses. They smell of bay leaves, beeswax and hand made soaps.

The is a permanent undertone of frankincense in the air that never quite clears, because even the furniture has absorbed the scent.

At my shrines the faint smell of frankincense, or cinnamon, or sandalwood, or lavender lingers for days; filling me instantly with thoughts of Hermes or Athene or some other god with whom I use the same incense for over and over.

When I inhale the bubblegum scent of a jasmine infused green tea, how can I not remember golden Aphrodite, and the times I have offered it to her alongside luxurious chocolate and floral incenses?

All these wonderful things I hope the gods delight in. For it is their presence and memory that delights me.

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One Response to Delighting the senses

  1. hazelharker says:

    Beautiful, yummy post!

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