Looking back

Looking back at some of the sources I found useful when I first started out as pagan. I can see how far I have come.

People I considered mentors I now see are fat oafs who have put too much stock in the Davinci code, made wild assumptions and haven’t ever read a single source, but instead just say ‘it is written in Egyptian/Sanskirt/Biblical etc texts’ with no elaboration. I know that sounds awful but I see it as a positive that I can recognise that now. I have critical thinking skills, solid experiences and a knowledge of a number of primary sources. I have met people with actual knowledge of the things the fat oafs claim to speak of.

This is why you should never stop learning. This is why you should revisit what you once dismissed. I see this now.

I wonder what I will think of what I know now in a few years time.

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