Aesthetics – or the lack of them

I’m sure many of you by now have seen this video, but just in case here it is again:

I just love the aesthetics (both ancient and modern) of the goddess cults on the greek islands and Asia minor. I like pretty jewelry, the frame drum and flute.

One of the reaons I think I have been struggling so much recently, is the environment I live in. Right now all I have is a cramped, darkened room with nothing but a shitty shelf for my altar. It is very difficult to get into any kind of ritual mindset when you can’t move around, burn too much, set up a pretty focal point or even change the room around (the joys of student accommodation, everything is bolted to the wall). I’m sure there are those that baulk at this, because ‘you shouldn’t need anything to feel connected’ or ‘you should just go out into the wilds which don’t actually exist in the inner city blah blah blah’ but I’m just one of those people that really responds to environments.

One thing that has especially affected me is lack of sunlight. This only really occurred to me recently, but it does seriously make a massive difference.

Next year, I’ll have my own flat with Dave and his sister. The rooms are light and airy, and I will have more time and space to do longer ritual. I will be able to spend more time in a kitchen that is actually clean, and generally live in an environment where I want to be!

Until then, I am trying to evoke the mindset I want with everything from desktop backgrounds to jewellery. This will do for now.

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One Response to Aesthetics – or the lack of them

  1. People who think there’s no value in tools and scenery don’t have a very solid understanding of how the brain works and are pretty ignorant about how ritual functions too: if these things don’t matter then why are they present in every religion, in every culture, at all times in human history? That said, I don’t think we should allow our crappy situations to stop us from ever doing things – as you said, there are small ways to improve things, and there’s value in working at it and keeping the connections strong, no matter what – and I think it’s great that you have a plan to get yourself out of there. Far too many people will let themselves stay where they’re miserable because it’s too hard, too scary, etc. to change. So kudos to you!

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