February so far:

My religious path and practice are still in an active state of transition. I am developing more and more every day and slowly building coherent practice once again from the ground up. Since December I have more or less gone back to the most basic of practices (101 level), spent time on each of them and have only moved onto the next thing when I have established that area of practice properly. I know some people would see this kind of thing as a huge backward step, but it really isn’t. I am establishing foundational practices so I don’t fall apart again.

*I do a basic meditation and centering exercise daily.

*I try to spend a little portion of every single day outside come rain or shine (or gale force wind! Quite the obstacle for a tiny person like myself who always carries far to many bags that can be swept up like a sail).

*I observe and learn more about this area of inner city land where I live. I am making the effort to learn about the geology and the wildlife here. I greet the trees and the dead in their graves, and remove soiled takeaway packaging from their headstones (one issue I have about living here is that fellow students seem to have no fucking respect and litter constantly. It blows into the graveyard and gets on the graves and the crows pick it up). I saw a WOODPECKER last week, in the inner city!!

*I leave small offerings at my altar daily as I go about my business. A god is honoured every day of the week. Today is Hermes.

*I work on my willpower and try to eat well and stay healthy so my body and mind are in a good place.

I have been observing myself and taking a note of the things I really respond to. I have then been nourishing those things and turning them into something coherent that works within my path. This isn’t really a time for ultra awesome mystical stuff. It’s the time of reflection, outward practice and layman foundations.

So far this month, besides the everyday stuff I mentioned above, I sorta-kinda celebrated Imbolc. This was as part of my effort to live a little more in harmony with the land around me. I celebrated with a meal of braised beef with seasonal vegetables and some really nice crusty bread. I had never cooked it before but it was delicious. I need to make more of an effort to incorporate tasty meals into every religious observance!

Additionally, my tarot cards have arrived. I am currently getting acquainted with the deck one suit at the time. I accidentally ended up with two tarot decks, so if you are interested in an unopened Sharman-Caselli tarot deck please let me know. I’ll only really charge for any shipping.

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