I’m still alive!-living in season

I did my first exam yesterday and my last one is on friday, so soon I will have time to myself again!

In the mean time things are ticking along as usual. I’m still working some things out, and actually seem to be getting somewhere now. My practices are beginning to stabilize again.

I am spending lots more time outside than I did previously. One of my projects this year is to live more in sync with the land around me, so I am following a particular patch of land nearby (big leafy graveyard and local arboretum) through one full cycle of the seasons and observing how it changes. In case anyone was wondering, trees are actually attempting to bud and last week I saw the familiar green spike in the earth of what will be a snowdrop! Yay for spring!!

As cliché as this sounds for a pagan to say, I really am happier outside and my state of mind/the nature of my practice changes with the seasons. The sun was out earlier in the week and the place really started to feel spring like. I was instantly happier. I realise I am a fool not to take notice of how I respond to these changes, and to align myself with them.

I also can’t wait for the spring fruit and veg to grow. I don’t think I have mentioned it here, but over the last 6 months (since I have had total control over what I buy, cook and eat), I have been eating as seasonally and locally as reasonably possible. I am a piss poor student so it’s not like I can afford super-free-range-organic-only-fancy-pantsy-steak. But I can buy British meat, free range eggs and seasonal veg (a testimony to the fact that cooking from scratch and living in season is the best thing you can do for a tight budget. I eat like a king and I cook for 2 on less than £20-30 a week for everything including shampoo and luxuries like muffins and Twining’s tea). Again, because I am a student, I more or less have to rely on what the super market stocks (seriously ASDA, why don’t you stock Kale? Morrison’s does it, why can’t you?), and carrots, apples and the like all the time is really starting to get boring.

I am an advocate of smart people environmentalism. This means not getting pissed at people who own a car or who wear stuff that isn’t 100% organic hemp, and don’t live in a yurt and only eat soy (which by the way, is imported from thousands of miles away anyway).  It also means not saying ‘I love t3h earth and t3h gawdess’ but living a 100% consumer lifestyle most of the time and eight times a year trampling out into the middle of a protected nature reserve and leaving behind metal tea-light cases and plastic offerings in the interests of ‘loving mother earth’.

It’s about trying to reduce my waste consumption and recycling everything that I can. It’s about realising that I don’t need a car right now. After all, I live in a city centre with some of the best transport links I have seen, plus there is only me to ferry about (I’ll get a car when I have kiddies to take to school and twice as much shopping to carry home).  It’s about not buying that ultra healthy awesome anti-oxidant super fruit that has been shipped all the way from south America, displacing tribes people in the process. It’s about buying clothes, and intending to wear them for more than just one fashion season (I shop at very cheap places for my new clothes, but I offset that by making them last for years. I also buy lots of clothing from charity shops).

It’s about that understanding that these things aren’t just better for the environment, they’re better for my bank account and for my stress levels.

I know I’m rambling, but seriously kids; don’t be the nazi friend of the earth pagan that judges everyone and lectures them on the evils of monoculture if you don’t put your money where your mouth is. This earth you harp on about so much isn’t just trees in the country, it’s a planet with a global ecosystem to match. You aren’t fooling anybody by wearing that ugly woolen jacket from Tibet and that long flowing skirt.

Ms.Graveyard dirt wrote a great (and rant-y!) piece about eating locally and in season on Sabbats and holy days. Check it out. Despite 10x the swearing, it’s more eloquent that this post, haha.


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