Some quick updates-divination

I have some end of module exams coming up soon, so I don’t see the sunlight and I don’t get online much as I’m far too busy revising tedious biological processes in tedious detail! Bleh.

However, I will fill you in briefly on some of my current projects (I always have some kind of pagan-y project on the go).

Right now, I am working on becoming familiar with more systems of divination; and then becoming proficient in a few (I use a couple now, some are more effective than others). It’s something I have always wanted to do but have never had the time, means or discipline to devote myself to serious study and experiment. I figure now is the correct time, since I have done so much path overhaul-age in the last few months.

Firstly, I am still working on my collection casting system I started in the summer. I took a break from working on it while I settled into uni. It is in need of some serious tidying up and road testing in a proper, systematic way. When I first designed it I used far too many meanings per piece and I didn’t draw upon any coherent symbolism, which in hindsight I definitely should have. I have also realised that there is no fucking point of me trying to do anything if I don’t connect with it. So I can’t just pick up a random object and use it in my set, I really have to feel a connection or pull to it in some way.

I am also going to look into tasseomancy a little more seriously. I have always liked the idea, and I drink more tea than I care to speak of. I’d be interesting in learning some of the common systems and methods.

I am looking at a more advanced system of reading with playing cards than the one I use now. I have a pretty good success rate with my current system but it is extremely basic and thus very limiting. I am in the right place to delve a little deeper into this particular art.

Finally, those that follow me on twitter will know that I am finally learning the tarot!! Because I dId peGaNIZMZ R0nG, and didn’t reach this point in my path via the classic newbie pagan progression; I never ever learned tarot (or about the elements or what an athame does for that matter *coughcough*…). Recently I have been seriously looking into the system and I think I have missed out!

I bought my first deck recently and am currently waiting for it to arrive. The one I finally decided upon was the Sharman-Caselli deck. It is close enough to the generic rider-waite symbolism for me to be able to learn easily, but the pictures are prettier and not as yellow.

I will do a few posts here about each system as I learn, but in the meantime; posts will be short and sweet!

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