Hekate’s Deipnon

Tonight as always I celebrate Hekate’s Deipnon. I have tidied and organised all my mundane crap, and tonight I will ritually cleanse my living space with bay. This month, as I did last month also; I will honour Hekate and my ancestors. I will also (at her request) offer Hekate a kind of ‘tithe’ of the food in my house. I am back home at the moment, so much of the food isn’t mine to give. What I do have, is lots of chocolate given to me as gifts; and some cherry mead which was a gift from Dave. It truly pains me to give even a little of the mead up, I haven’t even tried any myself yet and it was bought at a seasonal market so when it’s gone it’s gone!!! She is a goddess however, and my willingness to give up what I am secretly unwilling to give makes it all the more special.

I enter into the new month with new projects in mind and some additions to practice.

One of which is a weekly devotional calendar. If that sounds simple to you, it’s because it is. I have ‘assigned’ certain gods to certain days (this isn’t a rigid, immovable format but simply a rough guideline to ensure the gods I primarily honour get attention regularly. I will honour any god on any day it is appropriate), and on those days I will at the very least offer them a libation or some incense. A good way of creating and maintaining bonds of kharis is to do little things often. Previously some of the gods I was closest to were only receiving proper honour once a month or so because of how my calendar worked out, and because I wasn’t directly in their sphere of influence often.

My approach to a monthly devotional calendar is one of the things my total burnout a few weeks back can be attributed to in the long term. No good can come from having nothing to do with a god for weeks and then trying to do something big once in a blue moon. Especially when you want your path to be integrated into daily life.

  • Monday is for Hera, Aphrodite and Persephone (It may seem a bit odd including Persephone here but she has influence over a specific area of my life in addition to the other two).
  • Tuesday is for Athene
  • Wednesday is for working on pagan-y projects and study.
  • Thursday is for Hermes.
  • Friday is for Poseidon.
  • Saturday is for plants, animals, natural sciences, animism and being outside.
  • Sunday is for household gods and ancestors.
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