Heliogenna, Poseidea and Dreams

In my previous post, I mentioned briefly that I was not sure whether to celebrate Heliogenna or Poseidea this year around the solstice time. In the end, I celebrated both!

Heliogenna is a modern festival created by Hector lugo and can be celebrated in the form of a 9 day festival, a 3 day festival or even just a 1 day celebration. I have celebrated it for the last 3 years in it’s 3 day form, however next year I may extend it to a 9 day festival or reduce it to a 2 day festival (beginning on the morning before the solstice and ending the day after) as I think either way would make a little more sense.

On the first day I greeted Helios and Eos in the morning as I awoke. At lunchtime on the same day I honoured Helios again, along side the 12 olympians who received thanks for their blessings this past year. Finally in the evening, I said farewell to Helios as he made his descent.

The second day is a sombre one, and there are no prayers on this day. This year I made no prayers in the context of Heliogenna, and instead used the day to celebrate Poseidea. Not much is known about this festival other than the fact it occurred around the time of the solstice. My basic plan was to simply reconnect with Poseidon, to give thanks for his blessings in the last year and to burn a candle in honour of him (in place of a bonfire, which I read about somewhere).

On solstice night (a.k.a the night before my Poseidea celebration) I had a dream which gave me more ideas about how I should celebrate. I even woke up and in that sluggish state where you are between awake and asleep, I formulated and sang a hymn (alas, once I woke up properly I completely forgot what I had made up and so could not use it in my observance). Among the ideas that I was given, was a little about what aspects of Poseidon I should honour, and the idea (AGAIN) that my ancestors should feature.

Candles were lit in honour of Poseidon, Amphitrite and my ancestors, and libations, incense and offerings were given. I thanked Poseidon for his blessings in my own life, for water, rain, and fertility of the earth and sea.The third day of Heliogenna welcomes Helios back and asks for blessings for the coming year.

Since breaking down some of the internal barriers that were getting in the way of meaningful spiritual practice, I have received numerous helpful dreams. They’re little pushes in the right direction. It is indeed true what people say; it is us that distance ourselves from the gods, not the other way around. I’m going to start keeping a dream journal to train myself to remember my dreams more effectively.

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