Radio silence, seasonal food and other news

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am undergoing some changes spiritually, and making good progress. However, in order to truly work all of this crap out, there will be radio silence for a while. At the moment the internet is not helpful for me. In this fragile state, reading about the experiences and practices of others is not inspiring me like it usually does, it is confusing me and stopping me from focusing properly on myself.

I will resume posting around the 10th of December mark when I’m home again. I figure the few weeks in between will give me time to work things out. I need to reorganise myself properly and re-establish my practice. Now doubt when I return and post, you’ll all think ‘huh? Nothing changed’, because I assume the kind of things that warrant blog posts (aka praxis, particularly for things like festivals that are big enough to justify a post about) will look no different when written about on a blog, simply because it’s difficult to convey anything other than the basic aspects of something via this medium . What will probably change is my world view and all the tiny aspects of my practice that don’t get talked about.

In the mean time, I am going to be attempting this 30 days of paganism meme, in the hopes it will put my ideas into words. I will present my answers here!

I am also going to be planning for Heliogenna (a modern Hellenic festival in honour of Helios at the time of the winter solstice), and baking for Hermes at some point. For some reason, the last time I petitioned Hermes for help I promised I would bake him something nice in return. I have no idea what to make, but I reckon he’d like something interesting like chilli chocolate cake.

In other news, I have been making an effort over the last few months to buy seasonally and to purchase as much food as I can on my limited budget from the UK. It has been going OK so far, though things may get a little more difficult now it is winter. There are plenty of nice root veggies available and squashes are good too (though Dave won’t eat any ‘odd’ veggies so I am limited as to what I give him), and I am also going to acquaint myself with a few kale recipes. Fruit is a little more limiting; apples get boring after a while!

Bis bald dear readers!

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