Don’t you just love it when the gods answer your prayers? It’s almost even better when it’s hardly a prayer, you just mutter under your breath in the name of the gods; hardly expecting them to take notice, and then they do.

Anyway, onto the point of this little post. As I have alluded to in previous entries, I have been stuck in somewhat of a spiritual rut recently. Dissatisfaction and a sense of feeling lost in turn led to acedia (listlessness). I was aware I had to do something to remedy the whole situation and had the faintest idea of what that something had to be, but I kept overshooting the mark. This added to the feeling of listlessness and it was like a vicious circle.

However, I now think I am finally onto something very significant. I don’t want to go into detail yet, not because it’s an uber special mystical secret of awesome, but simply because it may come to nothing and I would have told everybody about something essentially irrelevant. Watch this space though. I think I’m onto something big (for my own religious practice I mean).

I’m making progress.

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