Another dream

Last night I had a somewhat sinister dream (though it does not sound so bad when I write it down. You kinda had to be there). A large bumble bee flew into my eye and I could not remove it. It just sat there, still alive, directly on my eyeball and obscuring my view entirely out of that eye.

I flailed and blinked and poked it and did what i could to get it to fly away and it just didn’t. In the end my flatmate practically gouged the think off my eye and threw it. It flew in circles and went to chase us but we ran.

I can’t help but think this dream may be significant, even if it is just my subconscious.

This post is a place-holder until I can get some recent photos uploaded. For some reason my computer wont recognise my SD card! Help!

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7 Responses to Another dream

  1. That is absolutely horrifying. Granted, that’s a totally subjective judgment. I’ve had dreams where I was eaten by thousands of tiny spiders and woke up smiling, going “Awwww … she likes me.” But still, bees creep me out something fierce. The dream does sound awfully significant, and kind of Apollonian-shamanic.

    • Emma H says:

      Ironically, bees are actually my favourite insect. They are so important, beautiful and clean. But it was still very scary!

      I think the fact the bee was on my eye was significant, and that if any god was involved; it would be Hermes potentially.
      This of course, is purely conjecture, and I need to think about this some more!

      • Oh yeah, bees are incredibly significant to the life of the planet. Without them, plants and flowers wouldn’t pollinate and the whole food chain would collapse. So, I’m glad they exist … and gladder still when they exist as far away from me as possible. And not just because I’m deeply allergic to them. The whole hive-mind thing really squicks me out. Of course, my partner is absolutely in love with the things … but then she’s got to put up with my love of spiders, so I guess it all evens out.

        Hermes makes sense. Sight, communication, dreams and all. Plus there’s his whole thing with the Thriai.

        • Emma H says:

          Haha, what a coincidence. I currently have open a wiki page about the thriai!

          The more I think the more Hermes is almost certainly a key player in this dream, if it is important. Not just because of sight, dreams and his connection with bees. But because he did tell me to expect some guidance from him (about relating to him as trickster). Not sure how/if this is guidance, but things are certainly developing!

          Spiders are my second favourite insect! So useful to have around! My flat is teeming with them now that the weather is cold.

  2. chimac says:

    I have been told that dreams are a way for our unconscious to communicate with our conscious. That everything in a dream is an aspect of ourself. So based on that and what you said above this is my interpretation.

    The important, beautiful and clean part of yourself is preventing you from seeing what is not important, beautiful and clean. You are focusing instead of the life affirming things, when it might be helpful to be aware of those less wonderful and life-denying things. Just a guess.

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