I have twitter!

Yep, that’s right; I got a twitter account for this blog.

I have never used twitter before, and I’m still getting used to it and working out all the controls. In addition to this, I’m not sure if using twitter will lower my IQ or melt my brain or something, but we shall see! Haha

I decided to get twitter for several reasons. The first one quite simply being that everybody seems to have an account nowadays and I’m a little out of the loop! The second reason is that a lot of things that go on in my life related to my religious practice don’t make up a blog post on their own, but are still relevant.

You can find me here:


Note my user name is ‘TEND’ the hearth not ‘TENDING’.

You can also find me by clicking on the new widget on the right hand side of this page.

If you have a twitter and talk about Hellenic polytheist or pagan topics from time to time, please let me know!

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