Pagan music (videos included)

Hi everyone!
I leave again tomorrow for Cyprus! I thought I’d write a brief post about some of my favourite pagan music!
I don’t listen to all that much pagan music, but I have heard more of it now that I listen to lots of pagan podcasts. The thing is, I don’t like a lot of it. It’s not that it sounds bad (hey, there is so much more musical talent in the pagan community then there is in mainstream music these days), it’s just that there are only so many songs about the harvest accompanied by a single drum and an acoustic guitar that I can listen to without getting bored.

My primary exceptions are Omnia and Daemonia Nymphe. There is nothing boring about their sounds at all!


Omnia describe themselves as a ‘Neoceltic folk band’. I like them because they play a vast array of instruments and their songs are annoyingly catchy. Some songs sound very Celtic, others sound almost eastern in nature.

Dil Gaya-(remix)

This is such a brilliant electro remix of a song called ‘Dil Gaya’. The original song can be found to listen to and download at Omnias website, cited above. I recommend you give the original a listen too!

The well

This song has a much darker, folky theme to it! It’s one of my favourites.

Daemonia Nymphe

Daemonia Nymphe are a band that sing about themes found in greek mythology, using recreated greek instruments to create an amazing sound. Hellenic polytheists should definitely check them out!

Summoning divine Selene

I adore this song! It’s ideal to listen to at the Noumenia!


I hope you like the songs I have posted. Perhaps you will feel inspired enough to support the artists you have heard by purchasing some of their songs (Daemonia Nymphe can be found on Itunes and Omnia’s music can be bought off their site).
Any other musical suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Regular posting will resume in a fortnight, with photos of various temples and other attractions of note!

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2 Responses to Pagan music (videos included)

  1. J. says:

    Oh, I really love Omnia too! I haven’t heard of Daemonia Nymphe, but I will give their tracks a listen.

    I never much liked her before… but Wendy Rule’s latests stuff is starting to grow on me a little. It puts me in a witchy mood!

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