Slowing things down

I have so many drafts saved for this blog that it’s quite ridiculous. I have a lot of ideas and topics to write about but then I never know quite how to structure the post and it takes hours to write even a paragraph that looks good. I am working through them though, and slowly but surely I will complete something!

I think my spiritual life is rather like this blog at the moment. Lots of drafts, and lots of good intentions. The thing is, I really have been making great use of my free time and my current ‘stability’ where basic religious practice is concerned. I have my basic daily devotions sorted now and so I am ploughing ahead with lots of new projects and taking on information at a very fast rate.

I am in a very good place right now when it comes to productivity, but I am starting to realise that doing so much at once isn’t the best thing to do. Firstly, how can I get the most out of all my projects if I am moving between them like a butterfly between flowers? In addition to this, just because my daily devotions and household practices are stable, doesn’t mean everything else is. I did say that my reason for doing all these new things was to ensure that the core of my practice was stable before my situation changes completely in the autumn. That way, I can adapt my practice according to my new living arrangements etc, without it disrupting me too much spiritually. Instead of focusing on all these new things, I need to work harder at existing things that aren’t so stable at the moment; for example, my monthly observances and the standard of devotion to certain gods.  If left unchecked, these things plus recent issues I have admitted to myself may cause problems in future, and if I do too much I may just burn out.

So I need to slow down. I need to put more effort into less projects in order for this positive, productive mood to continue. I also need to not ignore already established practices.

Using the to do list I posted previously as an example, I am going to put my prayer-book project on hold for a while, but continue with the things I have already started. I am still aiming to finish my divination system by the Autumn, but because I was doing so much it was taking a back seat. I’m also going to continue with my exercise, as it has been really great so far. I’ve been on two lovely long walks out in nature and I have been learning yoga, including a Sun salutation. I have noticed a difference both mentally and physically (I actually have stomach definition without breathing in!) so it’s been really worthwhile!

As well as this, as of the dark moon on sunday I am going to really work on my monthly observances. I will pre plan them and spend all day in some kind of preparation. I am also going to thoroughly clean and cleanse all my shrines on sunday in anticipation of this.

My ‘slowing down’ doesn’t seem like it’s going to be very slow at all, but it’s all about redistributing my time effectively and properly aligning myself to the gods and my path.

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One Response to Slowing things down

  1. Bri says:

    What do you do for your daily devotions and household practices?

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