[Religious] to do list

Now that all my exams are over, I can start focusing on other important things. I decided to make a to do list of things to work on over the next few months, simply so I can iron out some creases in my practice, no matter how small. This is because my situation will be changing soon, and it will be difficult to practice in the same way I do now. These things will help me make the adjustments I need to make when the time comes. 

  • Make a prayer-book: I have been thinking about this one for a couple of weeks, and it ties in with my previous post about hymn writing. I am going to buy a pretty looking blank notebook that is small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag, and put finished versions of the hymns I write in there; in addition to Homeric hymns and other verses I like. This not only eliminates my awful habit of writing everything down on scabby bits of paper and shoving them into my divination journal for storage, but will mean I’ll have lots of pretty hymns and prayers for various gods and various occasions, on hand at all times. Additionally, it will encourage me to write more hymns. I could even write some set prayers for particular situations, or that ask for particular things.


  • Finish my divination system: As I mentioned briefly here, I am working on my own divination system involving small trinkets and a casting cloth. The most basic structure is in place now, and I want to have it more or less complete (or at least to the point where I can use it for a comprehensive reading) by the autumn. This will involve searching for some more pieces to use in the castings, and creating the cloth.


  • Excercise: I know this one doesn’t sound particularly religious, but if I start doing something like walking or yoga more often; it will provide me with an opportunity to ‘check in’ with my gods on a regular basis. It will be a kind of active meditation, where I can turn my thoughts away from mundane things for a while (and get fit in the process :D).


  • Read lots: I love reading, and I have a huge list of books that I have been meaning to read. I am going to read lots more primary sources from ancient historians and playwrights, in addition to some contemporary pagan books.  Amongst other things I plan to read Herodotus, some plays by Aristophanes that I got for my birthday, and ‘The other side of virtue’, by Dr. Brendan Myers.


  • Say thankyou: I owe certain gods thanks for all their help this past year. I’ll be devoting some of my time to giving them proper attention.
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One Response to [Religious] to do list

  1. Αγαπητός says:

    The idea of a prayer book has always interested me. Not only is it a neat idea, but it also gives easy access to prayers and hymns wherever one has their book.

    As for exercising, great idea! Sokrates taught the equal involvement in music and exercise. This has to do with sophrosyne or “moderation.” =)

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